Calendar and booking

Our ‘Hallmaster’ online booking system is now in action

Members of the Craft Group using the hall

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help.

The Bookings Manager is Bryan Edwards.
Tel: 01305 852544

IMPORTANT!  The monthly view only shows either the main hall or the meeting room, not both at the same time – you need to look at the top of the screen and set the part of the hall that you wish to view.

Click here to see the monthly calendar of availability and to book

or if you prefer:

Click here to see weekly calendar of availability and to book (it has the advantage of being bigger on your screen and showing both bookable areas of the halll,  but you can only see a week at a time

 Please note: the Hallmaster system sometimes refers to invoices and financial information; we do not use this part of Hallmaster, so please ignore these references.

The monthly view has a better typesize, but is currently cutting off the last event if there are many (we are contacting Hallmaster about it); the weekly view does show all events, though using a very small typeface. You can increase the size of what you see on your browser screen. For definitive instructions on how to do this, do a Google search specifying your type of computer (pc or Apple) and if pc the version of Windows you are using. Using a pc running Windows 10 you should see, in the top right-hand part of the screen, an icon made up of three short horizontal lines – click on them and at the top of the small window which opens, you will see + and – signs, which you click on to make your view bigger or smaller.

The current hiring rates and ways to pay can be found here.




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