Old Parish Magazines

The “Two Villages” Parish magazine gives a fascinating glimpse into life in the village in former years. We are gradually scanning and getting more of these up, so come back from time to time.

“Two Villages” was a monthly magazine that was first published in January 1957. The magazine was typed onto a stencil, and then produced on a Gestetner type duplicator. For this reason it is a bit of a challenge to read in places, but that is part of your glimpse into the past. Our record here starts with Issue 8 dated August 1957. Please click on a Date to read that Issue.

Issue        Date

8               August 1957

9               September 1957

10             October 1957

11             November 1957

12             December 1957


2 thoughts on “Old Parish Magazines

  1. I am researching the HOME GUARD AUXILLARY units and have been given a couple of names and imformation that your villiage had a unit of 6-8 men just outside the villiage.
    These units were volanteer groups that would destroy supply lines etc opon a invasion force in WW2.
    I would like to place a request for imformation from your readers about the HOME GUARD and thier duties etc.


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