Village Hall Refurbishment 2016

This page was created during the 2016 refurbishment of the Village Hall, to record the work as it progressed – we retain it as an historical record.

We’ll start off with some pictures of the hall as it was:

20 June

Building work starts! It’s going to look worse before it looks better… Who knew there was a window at the far end of the Committee Room?

22 June

It’s going to look a lot worse before it looks better!

Top left and top right are views in opposite directions of the area that used to be the corridor, store room (old doctor’s surgery) and gents toilets. The two underneath the top right are the committee room (we promise the urinals are not going to stay there!) and the ladie’s toilet. At the bottom is the old kitchen hatch and the site of the new one. Please excuse the slight purple tint to the photos – the camera is playing up

24 June

 27 June

We got some action shots today!

 29 June

3 & 4 July

6 July


7 & 8 July

9 – 15 July

The pace of change that lends itself to photographs is slowing down – more detailed work is taking place, like electrics and plumbing, and these do not make for interesting pictures. We’ll continue to bring you photos when there is something new to see.


The main body of the hall has been given a skim of plaster – you can see it is partly dried out in this picture.


The walls are being painted – these photos were taken in quite low light levels, which is why the walls above and below look a bit different, but they are the same colour.


New inner doors will look a lot smarter than the battered old ones, and the doors have been widened wherever possible for wheelchair access.


The kitchen. Wonder if that’s an industrial-sized food mixer in the foreground!


20 July



The ramp the committee room door is in place – the door is still to be widened. The room, to be re-named the meeting room, will be capable of being used independantly to the hall.


The grid for the new ceiling taking shape. Being lower, it should save on our heating bills and make the hall feel cosier. At the bottom are Chris Pullen and the builder, Simon, admiring the work.


Saving money on loo roll holders?

28 July



Our fantastic new ceiling makes the hall look so much better.


There will be easy-grip door handles throughout (well, they will be easy to grip when we take the polythene off!)


Simon, the builder, and Chris, surveying the kitchen, where the units are starting to go in.

5 August



You’ll never guess what colour the doors are going to be….


View from the lobby down the corridor leading to the toilets.


The kitchen units are going in. They are shallow in front of the hatch, to allow for easier reach across them. The hatch is going to be in three parts, so you can open the whole width or just the centre part. The bolts holding them closed will be long ones, so those of us who are more vertically challenged can reach them – be grateful your Village Hall has three not-so-tall female trustees!


The new cladding on the back of the hall is concrete, so it should last a lot longer than wood.

15 August

Wow! Things really are coming on now – the building work will be finished before the end of the month.


Kitchen looking towards the meeting room. The outer wall has now got much better insulation.


Kitchen looking towards the toilets. You can see the hand-washing sink is in place on the right; between this and the tall cupboard, will be two larder fridges.


The meeting room. This is not only looking nicer, but will be warmer, having better insulation. It should be a good meeting space sound-wise with the lower ceiling and carpet reducing echoes.


The gents’ loo. The tiling is either modern or retro, depending on your age.


The external cladding is finished and the outside walls painted. New guttering along the back too.


We kept the best until last – look at that floor!

17 August


We just had to show you this one. Just how housepround (carpark proud?) can you get?


The main hall is coming together well. The new double doors from the lobby are not going up until the last minute, so the builder doesn’t have to worry about anyone damaging them.


The view from the new sink. There is going to be a commercial, three-minute cycle, dishwasher to the left.


A rather surreal scene. Wonder if we could be accused of climate warming?


There will be new tables to replace the small wooden ones. They are a bit bigger, but they are sturdy, and will fold down, so we don’t have to store any furniture in the meeting room.

25 August


The new inner doors are installed. You can also see, to the left, that we now have a proper fire alarm system.


The stainless steel piece of equipment on the left is the new commercial dishwasher – 20 plates in two minutes! We will be having two larder fridges, but the ones we want are currently out of stock, so they may not be there for the opening; we’ll have the old fridge for now.


The plumbed-in hot water boiler (replacing the urn) is in place, and looks like it’s already in use!


Drawers have been built under the stage, where all the tables will be stored in the future. The two chair racks have their own storage area, so nothing will have to be kept in the meeting room.


The builers have kindly re-furbished the “W” that lives above the stage and made it to fit in the new space available.

 29 August

The end of the project is in sight. A ‘snagging’ session has been undertken this weekend to identify all the little bits to be finished off, so Simon will be working hard to get it all finished this week. Then we’ve ‘just’ got to put everything back in place…  We need to tidy up the hedges, too, so if you could come and help that would be great – Saturday 1 September from 10.00am.


The new cooker!


The hand wash basin in the kitchen.The white box beneath it is to be found at the sind and each of the toilet basins, too; they are water heaters, so there will be almost instant hot water in future and no waste of hot water sitting in a tank.


Looks like someone has had a meeting in the meeting room already!


The new inner doors – in need of slight adjustment, which will be done this week.

4 September

We’re nearly there!!! The builder has finished except for a few small items plus getting the blinds installed. Lots of putting-it-back-together and cleaning to do, but with the end in sight, it’s easier to find the enthusiasm for one last push.



Two views of the finished (except for the blinds) main hall.


The cooker and cooker hood are in place. Ignore the crates of old mugs – we’ll be having all new ones.


The new hatch is in three sections, so you can just open the middle one to pass through a few items.


Look at all that storage space!

The Village Hall re-opened for use on 5 September 2016, with a relaunch party on 10 September.