Village Hall

IMG_5727 cropThe Village Hall has been an important part of the village for over fifty years: the home for many events, celebrations, community meetings, concerts and much else. It underwent a major refurbishment in 2016, bring all its facilities up to date.

Quote from user: “We have had a fab first birthday for my son and friends. The hall is great and perfect for those family get-togethers, homely and clean when we arrived. Thank you so much”.

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The Hall and its facilities

Hiring rates

Calendar and bookings

Ways you can help the Village Hall

Village Hall Committee & Meetings

Village Hall Refurbishment 2016

View of back of hall, with light brown cladding

Rear of the hall, showing ramp access to the meeting room.










8 thoughts on “Village Hall

    • Glad you enjoyed it – see you on 2 April for the next one! I’m copying the full text of your blog page for others to see:
      Winfrith Coffee Morning

      By / 27/03/2016

      Digital Champions in Winfrith

      What a great turnout for the coffee morning and IT and digital training session down in the beautiful Wessex countryside in Winfrith Newburgh’s splendid village hall. it was really encouraging to see such a good turnout, and I’m looking forward to returning for the next digital help session already. Some very friendly volunteers provided much appreciated coffee and cakes too.

      Today we talked about things like targeted ads on social media, and pop up ads – a thorny issue for many people. Do you find them annoying or helpful? Are they an unwelcome spy in your machine watching your every move, or a friendly nudge towards things that might well interest you? Share your thoughts on here. We also looked at slow running computers – another recurring problem with computer owners, it seems. A chance to update your operate system? That’s definitely worth considering.

      If you missed the March IT digital skills and coffee morning, I’ll be back in April – See my upcoming events to follow where I’ll be each month. I hope to see a few of you popping along, and remember, if you wish, you can come back each month and build upon your learning. Wessex Digital. C.


  1. Hello. I saw a poster for the group sessions at the Rainbow Garage, unfortunately i didn’t write down the phone number to ring, but i thought the persons name was Pat.
    We are starting a U3a at Crossways and several people have expressed an interest in starting a group to help with computers. Just wondered if the person ‘doing’ your group could help us?



    • Hi Carol, I’m a DCC Digital Champion working in your area. I’d be very glad to help you out at the Crossways U3A if it takes off. You can visit my site which tells you everything about what I’m up to here:

      I’m working to help the older members of our community get some experience of going online and offering advice, drop-ins for free, and private lessons at home to any that want a bit more. Please contact me directly from the web site for more information.
      Regards, Colin Wareham, Wessex Digital.


  2. Hi Carol

    Get in touch with us again to see if we can help!
    Otherwise our next IT Coffee morning is on Saturday 7th May at the Village Hall in Winfrith
    from 10am until 12noon!
    There will be books for sale as well!


  3. I had a wonderfull time at the coffee morning , and met a charming man named Richard
    Silvester, he was so attentive and filled me in on the local history,
    of in and around Winfrith, and what a sweet little dog he had with him.
    Im hoping to come to the next coffee morning,

    yours mattie Silver


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