Where the name “Winfrith Newburgh” comes from

It was during the Saxon period that Winfrith as a name emerges. ‘Win Frith’ means ‘white or bright stream’ in Primitive Welsh, and thus the small settlement was given a name that has lasted maybe twelve hundred years, even if the boundaries of that time are not exactly those of today.

The ‘Newburgh’ part of the name came from the de Newburgh family from Normandy, who presumably arrived as part of the 1066 invasion (see Medieval history page for more information on the de Newburghs). Thus the correct pronunciation of ‘Newburgh’ is New – berg, not New-borough (as in Edinburgh).

As little was written down at this time, there are considerable variations on the spelling of both parts of the name.

A list of different spellings

The various spellings of ‘Winfrith’ and ‘Newburgh’

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